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Are you a filmmaker looking for funding for your movie?

Are you tired of wasting your money and time on well-known crowdfunding that require you expensive marketing campaigns in order to succeed?

Then, you got it. At MiraBan Ltd Company we offer you an easy yet concrete alternative.

  • Download our application form.
  • You can submit your project at any stage (pre-production, production, post-production, distribution), and provide us with the information required in the application form.
  • . Three days after the end of the round, the selected TOP 5 finalist projects will be notified.
  • Finalists will be required to provide additional informationScript, Production timeline, Budget breakdown. You can also send (Optional but recommended): Trailer and/or Teaser, Promotional Video, and/or Complete Film). 
  • The Winner will be notified a week after the finalists' selection and published on our Winner's List 
  • The Cash prize will be forwarded to you as stated in the Miraban Competition Policy.

Today social networks make believe that you have talent if you have thousands of followers. This does not count at MiraBan Ltd. If you have talent, show your best and get the chance to win

You certainly deserve our attention.